News: 80s SF/Fantasy Revival

80s SF/Fantasy Revival

The Writers at have been running through a fantastic series of blog posts, in which they're teaching their readers about the history of great 80s sci-fi and fantasy. Because so much of this is right up my alley, I though I'd aggregate their aggregations, so to speak, and write a little retrospective of my own.

For those who were born after 1983 (i.e., young children) it's important to understand the genre my generation grew up in. That's the purpose of Totally Radical, which is a retrospective of the essentials of '80s science fiction.

I'm not sure why Red Rawn is considered sci-fi, but let's roll with it.

The next title is oddly specific: The 10 Greatest Paranormal Teen Comedies of the 80s, like Teen Wolf and Real Genius. And if you haven't seen My Science Project yet, here's a taste of the genius:

Yes, that is Dennis Hopper.

Another unique article took a look back at some of the most memorable soundtracks in the genre. Aside from the usual suspects like Ghostbusters and Weird Science. But honestly, who could forget Howard the Duck?

I've never forgotten it.

The rest of the list is here. I especially recommend "The 1980s were when science fiction franchises got big."

If you've got great articles to share, please do! I'll make sure everyone gets a chance to see what you post.

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