News: Trailers from Hell

Lately I've really been enjoying Trailers from Hell, and while a lot of the movies they do are from before my childhood, it's run by Joe Dante and he was, like, a staple of it. So that counts, right?

News: Monsters in My Pocket

A few friends and I were recently sitting around and talking about old action figures we had when we were kids. We talked about Visionaries, Super Naturals, Battle Beasts, and others. Finally, we got around to talking about Monster in My Pocket. As a confirmed monster fanatic, Monster in My Pocket was obviously a favorite of mine, and it's the first place I ever heard of several monsters, including the Baba Yaga, who I was later to get to know much better via Hellboy.

News: 80s SF/Fantasy Revival

The Writers at have been running through a fantastic series of blog posts, in which they're teaching their readers about the history of great 80s sci-fi and fantasy. Because so much of this is right up my alley, I though I'd aggregate their aggregations, so to speak, and write a little retrospective of my own.

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